Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the way to school

Today we went to see the first school (daycare/preschool) in the neighborhood. This was a small(er) daycare setup. Burak was pretty well behaved during the appointment. Tough he couldn't resist to the totally new - to him - toys in the playroom. He played with the washer and dryer and the big fire truck. As we had to leave he asked to play more but he still returned the toys where he took them from and came with me. Poor thing. What is nice though is he associated the concept of "school" with play and toys.

I made appointments with 5 other places around. Two of them are Montessori schools, one of which is quite expensive. My expectation from a preschool at this point is give Burak an opportunity to socialize, spend some excess energy, have fun, improve his English and hopefully get a grip on potty issue with the help of his teachers and peer encouragement. He doesn't need to learn this and that and become Einstein.

I have my "checklist" for a good daycare/preschool, but I don't have a prejudice. I am not obsessed with Montessori, but I admire the structure. All I know is, it all comes down to the teacher. I know that from Ana. If we can find a good teacher that will understand Burak as an individual and treat him accordingly, then we're good. It doesn't write "good teacher" on a good one's foreheads. So I hope our luck helps us again the same way it helped us when we found Ana.

I'm still struggling to sync the schedules of Ela and Burak. She took a nap in her stroller as we read books with Burak in the library the other day. But then Burak was hungry and I had to wake her up as I put her in the car seat. Maybe we should have walked, but it's hot out there. I think as I figure a way out, Burak will start preschool. I hope we can have quality time altogether before that.

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