Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of School

This is Burak's first day at school. He started his preschool today. I have been getting him ready for a week or so, telling him, he would play with his friends and toys, and singing songs and playing outside. He mostly listened to me quietly but he commented, once in a while, "Mom's coming along, right?". I explained him, "Yes, I will. Then I am going to come back home to cook while you play and have a good time. I will pick you up once I'm done." He didn't seem to be very convinced or enthusiastic.

This morning he went in right ahead and found himself a toy. He was happily playing while I handed his stuff to his teacher. He started to whine so that I stayed there, once I told him I was leaving. He didn't want to come with me. It was obvious he wanted to stay and play, but he wanted me to be there. His teacher controlled the situation by playing only with him until I was gone.

I am so curious, how he's doing. Whether, he's going to jump into my arms or drag his feet coming home.

Ela is taking her morning nap now. So i'm kind of free. Blogging. Making "to do lists". That's my thing. Otherwise I forget stuff.

I really really have to count physical inventory in the fridge and the pantry. I seem to have completely lost control of what's in there, since my mom was the commander in chief of the kitchen for 9 months.

Once I figure out what's in the deep corners of my pantry, I need to plan when and what I should cook. And then cook.

I need to clean the house (Mondays, house cleaning)

I need to fold and put away clean laundry (Waiting from Sunday)

I need to call my Avon customers to get their orders before campaign ends.

I need to read and write blogs, and read books about Montessori, playtime for babies (refresh my memory) and a novel.

And now ....

Ela is awake :)

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