Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am terribly craving to read a book. I have so many waiting for me on the shelves of my library. Childcare and child psychology ones, books about plays, novels, books in foreign languages - which if I don't practice soon enough, I'll forget. And I am about to order another batch from, after a long long time. I was able to get by, by borrowing from the library but nevertheless, I am addicted to books. And I am going back to Above is my dream room.

I decided to join Menu Planning Mondays. If there is any I would like to attend play/games planning Tuesdays as well. I really lost my spontaneity. In addition, both Burak and Ela go crazy when the meals are late - even for 5 minutes. I can handle one hunger-crazed kid but two, no.

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday we went to Foster Beach and Burak and Ela got the last bits of sunshine and the lake. Hopefully, not really last but gotta enjoy every bit until this place turns into arctic.

On Sunday, Burak and DH went to Legoland Discovery Center. Then yesterday, DH realized Burak got some rash. Today the preschool teacher pointed me the blisterlike rashes on his hands. Luckily!!!, they had another kid having the same type of rash last year so she knew it was Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. I first panicked, then pediatric nurse calmed me down, it's usual in little ones who started school recently.

So two tips here:

* Google "Legoland Discovery Center Coupons" before visiting the place or visit a local library for coupons.

* Don't Panic. Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is different from Foot-Mouth Disease which only occurs in animals. This is like 6th disease. Viral, nothing to do, just wait it out.

We'll be at home tomorrow, trying hard not to get Burak and Ela touch each other.

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Tranny Head said...

That hand-foot-mouth thing is AWFUL! My kid had a really bad case of it at the beginning of the summer - I did a whole blog post about it. He had the rash in his throat and refused to swallow anything other than yogurt for several days ... which made for VERY interesting diaper changing time.

Anyway - good luck finding time to read a book! I haven't read one since Cracky Potter!

just jamie said... books. I miss them too.