Monday, November 17, 2008

Handmade pouch sling

I did not know it was International Babywearing Week this week until I finished my first home-made pouch sling. I made this sling using the directions at Sleepingbaby website at home.

I had used Evenflo Snugli Classic Soft Carrier, The Ultimate Baby Wrap and Evenflo Snugli By My Side Soft Carrier. All of them were usable but my biggest problem was putting the sling on and putting Ela in it. I still use Snugli By My Side out and about. I was trying to use The Ultimate Baby Wrap at home whenever Ela couldn't entertain herself anymore and I had to prepare meals for them. It takes so long to put it on.

Not a lot of people use slings in Chicago. Maybe it is because most of the year it's so cold that the baby is either in the car seat or in the stroller anyway. Recently I saw a mom carrying an infant with Kangaroo Corner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. I really liked it but the price threw me off. I can sew so I decided it's high time to blow off the dusts on my sewing machine.

Even tough the directions warn you not to try your first pouch using polar fleece it's not that scary. I actually chose this fabric just because I loved the pattern. I have two more fabrics, one of which is a light upholstery fabric. I will post the pictures once I finish that one.

This pouch sling, is very very easy to use. Quick to put it on, put the baby in and take her out. It does not hurt my back, distributes the weight. Ela is about 24 lbs and I can easily carry her around the house with this. The baby sits firmly and is not flimsy as I though at first. Only thing I can recommend with fleece is to make sure you cut the fabric in the non-stretching direction and make the pouch seam a little bit curved at the ends than shown in the directions.

Directions for sewing a pouch sling by

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Moonshine said...

Looks really cute and also comfy for Ela! Good job :)