Friday, November 21, 2008

Preschool scene

Recently there has been crying and fussing when I'm dropping Burak off at his preschool in the mornings. It's been almost 3 months since he started and I wasn't expecting this. I thought we could be on a routine by now; get in, get out. No scene, no issues. But my day is always full of surprises.

It's not Burak who's fussing, it's Ela. I take her with me when we go to Burak's school because I have noone else to leave her. I hate the fact that I have to bundle her up and take her out to that freezing weather every single morning, but I have to.

Now, as she's getting closer to her first birthday, she wants to stay with her brother and play with the other kids. First she jumps on to his teacher's arms, as if I had abducted her. She grabs her shirt or cardigan, whatever she has. She giggles and smiles, acting cute so that the teacher cannot let her go. When I get her back and she lets a cry out. Oh my god! She wants to get down. As we leave out of the door, she's crying.

I worry about your 3 year-old getting used to being away from you at school and how he's adapting. On the other hand, my free-spirited daughter wanting to get away from me, already.

Is this a red flag for the future? Is this what my mom had warned me about?

"If you have a daughter like yourself, you'll see"

Oh my...


Trannyhead said...

How cute! My kid is the same way as your daughter. If I take him somewhere with a bunch of new people? He's all "peace out" and he just wanders off and could care less whether I'm there or not!

just jamie said...

At least you know you won;t be fighting the battle with her when her turn comes.