Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Yard Sale Ever

I hosted my very first Yard Sale. It was fun and it was a great success for me. It was tiring as well, since I did everything from arranging the items for sale, pricing, setting up shop and carrying them in and out. My husband took care of the kids while I attended the customers. Got rid of most of the junk, which was mostly my maternity clothes, clothes that I cannot fit in anymore, baby clothers and baby gear. I also had many unused gifts (with my apologies to friends who had given those). I still have a lot of stuff left though. I am not sure if people brought stuff as much as they had taken away. I met all the neighbors on our street, which we have not met in the last year - since we moved here. I was able to deplete my Avon stock as well as take new orders and meet potential customers.
Below are few tips and tricks for rookie yard sellers like me.

1. Don't forget to put your flyers in the stores around the neighborhood. They really work. Do this 4-5 days in advance.

2. Don't forget to put posters at the corners of the closest main streets. But... do this in the morning of the sale(especially for spring and fall) for you might not know when it's going to rain. All of my 4 greatly designed and executed yard sale posters were wasted by the rain which had supposedly moved away from the area. :(

3. Be ready for early birds. Be nice to them. Be aware of the types, who ask you "how much is this box? everything in it?No, no just give me a price. Tell me now, don't go through." as you're trying to setup and figure out what might be in that box. Say $10 or $15 more than the first number comes to your mind.

4. Be ready for antique hunters, and disappointed faces, when they see only baby stuff and irrelevant gift items. Be nice to them.

5. Yard Sales are for bargainers. Even though you mark your items with ridiculosly cheap prices, the pleasure of the yard buyer comes from the bargain. Thus, mark your prices a little bit higher and offer them discounts. Make them happy. Make yourself happy.

6. You might want to ask your neighbors to join. I actually had three "why didn't you tell us? we have lots of junk to sell." comments. I don't know if it would kill your own business, but sitting outside on a nice fall day with neighbors makes it easier to pass the time.

7. Leave sifters alone. Some ladies who sifted through ALL my clothes, folded them back and left them even in a nicer display than they've found.

8. Be ready for pastors in the neighborhood for a nice chat :) Especially if you're new in the neighborhood.

9. Have someone around for help- if nothing else, just for a restroom break. All in all, I was able to handle multiple buyers by myself.

10. Sundays might be lighter than Saturdays in the Fall. If you're going for a one day sale, pick Saturday. People go to church and watch Sunday football - I guess.

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