Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"That's me" Tuesday

Ay, ay ay...

I am getting my daily life back on track. I was reading "Not me Monday" posts yesterday. Vow! If you believe in the "Secret" mentality, there is two options.

a. Two negatives makes a positive i.e. rewriting your negative experiences with negative (not) turns things positive.
b. "Secret" does not work, because after reading all that gloomy stuff, I couldn't have the day I had today.

The weather was gorgeous. My son went to the door, when I told him the holiday was over and we were going to go to school. Since Menu Plan Monday saved the day and my life, the food was ready. I delivered my Avon sales, made another sale at the playground. Got another order call from one of my friends. Got lots of nice pictures.

And to top it off, we just met the nicest garbage men.

Our paths crossed with the garbage truck as I was parking our car in the garage. My son stood there mesmerized as he is a fanatic garbage truck lover. The first thing he goes and finds in any store, in the toy department is the garbage truck, then big wheels. Then the garbage man came by and asked if he wanted to operate the truck as he was emptying our garbage bins.

Burak, being very prudent, did not seem to be very willing at first. Then I carried him and helped him. Lucky for him I don't get disgusted by it. He pulled and pushed the handle and all the world was his at that second.

Man, did he tell that he operated the garbage truck 100 times today - after I disinfected dhis hands and clothes? He told the story to everyone he spoke over the phone. It made my day as well. Because he was late for his nap and he mellowed down like a Persian cat instead of going hyper.

I am getting ready for a big big big yard sale this weekend. I am not going to act as if I don't know "how we accumulated this junk". I am praying we can get rid of them and raise some funds for the basement drain tiles. I am putting my maternity clothes, some small baby clothes and baby gear/gadgets on sale. This officially seals to closed shop doors. Good luck to me as I am the only one running this yard sale show.

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