Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yippie Yay Thursday

I have no idea how I did it. I just poked around on the circuit board. Now the ride-on's buttons and the bubble maker is working. This is the only toy they enjoy together, right now. It's so nice (heartwarming) to see them playing together.

Ela and I started the classes at Merry Music Makers yesterday. It's a part of Music Together program. I love these classes. I like them better than Gymboree's gym classes. Not that anything is wrong with those but I like the interactivity of the music, the rhythm and, finger and body play better.

Ela is so different from Burak. She started to shake and wiggle right from the start. It had taken Burak I-don't-know-how-many classes to get warmed up the the class. I knew he liked the music, because he was doing everything back at home. But he would just sit and watch others for 35 minutes, then in the last 10 minutes he would start to join in. Then the class would end.

Preschool is helping him to be a part of a group I think. In the mornings, when I leave him to his class, he immediately finds his friends and forget about me (or even his father, when he leaves Burak). He has his own little - or maybe bigger than mine, who knows - world. It's amazing.

In the meantime, he's having hard time letting us go during bedtime in the last few days. I am guessing - from few hints he's given us - he is scared of something in the room or the wardrobe. He didn't tell us exactly why. I hope we can figure out soon.

Final good news is, I started reading again. (see Craving) Of course, the books are about child development. I will post some of my reviews here soon.

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