Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheap Cheap

I got hooked on, dollar and thrift stores. This happened because I saw on other mom blogs and homeschooling blogs, moms creating inspirational playrooms or classrooms , shopping from dollar and thrift stores.

I got amazing deals for furniture and other stuff.

I got these shelves for $10 each.

This one is the basement. I organized kid's toys somewhat applying Montessori environment.

I used this one to create a kids' corner in the living room. It's matching the rest of the furniture.

I got this trampoline for $50. It's like brand new. I wanted something like this since I had seen it in Gymboree. It's very small, does not occupy much space. Burak can move it around. Ela can get up on it and down by herself. It is pretty safe with two handles. I got on craigslist, searched and it was there. Waiting for me. :) I just had to drive for 45 mins under the thick snow. But it was worth it. I love it as much as my children :)

I also found a pretty clean Little Tykes Car from one of our neighbors. Burak loves it. I think their granddaughter grew out of it. It's sitting in our garage and Burak asks to ride it everytime we get in the garage. Poor thing, he has to wait 5 more months until the weather gets warm.

Now I'm thinking, what else I could have gotten cheaper instead of paying the full price. Buyer's remorse is kicking in :P

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