Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last minute getaway

Two Fridays ago, a friend of mine called me to ask me why I haven't replied to her evite. Apparently, she used my e-mail address which I use only to register for memberships, and receive ads. As I was going through my inbox, which I haven not checked for a month or so, I saw this newsletter from a ski resort. We've gone there years ago. Since I was craving for a ski trip I opened the mail and saw this last minute getaway deal. It was for a free lodging if you purchase 2 2-day lift tickets. The deal was valid until 4pm that day. I immediately checked computer's time on the right bottom corner.

And.... of course it was 3:52 pm. :)

I called the resort. They told me to but the tickets online first. I was IMing my brother as I was trying to reach my husband over his cell.

To cut the story short, that was one of the most hectic 3 hours of my life. We purchased the tickets and rentals, reserved our hotel, packed out suitcases, got the kids ready. We were on the road at 7:00pm.

One of the possible deal breakers was the snowstorm that night. I convinced my husband but he had really stressful 4 hours until Madison. it took us 7 hours to get to the resort. It was 3 am when my head fell on my pillow. Luckily, the kids slept along the drive.

I was so excited. So excited to be skiing again. So excited about the deal we got. So excited about the sunny weather.

Then BAAAM. I had a really well executed faceplant and my ski goggles smashed my cheekbone. It was ok until we got back to the hotel bacause cold outside was keeping the bruise down. The next morning I woke up to see a boxer's face in the mirror. I skied the whole day next day regardless. Nothing could banish my excitement.

(also see previous Wordless Wednesday picture)

The funny thing is I have been going around with this really bad looking, swollen and purple eye for the past week. Noone, not even a single person I met, asked me anything. I forget about it because it doesn't hurt. Then I remember and wonder what people are thinking.

My husband cannot grasp how I still like skiing and did not care about the eye. :) I am ckecking my other e-mail regularly now. For any last minute deal like that, I am ready with two kids in an hour baby.

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