Monday, January 5, 2009

Prepare ahead

After my regular visit to my doctor, at the checkout I saw this really neat list on the cubicle wall. It was called "101 ways to cope with stress". I think it wasn't only for stress. It was more of a "Oprah got together with Martha Stewart and made a to do list" kind of list.

You can find the whole list here. And don't just sneak peek and forward the link to your friends. Best way to use this list is to print it out and put it on your refrigerator, office wall, message board etc to see it every day. Remind yourself of the important stuff.

The second item on this list is "prepare ahead". And we all know, how important it is to prepare and plan ahead, especially with kids, both for our sakes and kids routines.

My mom is here, as you may know from my previous post. She is the most practical mom, I've ever known. Here are some pictures from our kitchen and dining table around 10:20 pm. That's been her habit for a loong long time. We're ready for tomorrow, thanks to mom.

Table ready for breakfast

Breakfast stuff for Ela

Pans on stove, one for hardboiled eggs, one for oatmeal.

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