Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home-made sandpaper letters

I made the sandpaper letters from Montessori Method at home. I did these just to create some craft for myself, I guess. We were trying to get the basement finished. I remembered the instructions at the end of "Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years". I got an extra pack of fine sandpapers.

First I traced the letters on the back of the sandpapers. I used the print letters given at the back of the book. I realized I neededa carbon copy paper. But it was so cold outside. I used a black crayon on a white paper to do the same thing. You need to trace the letters backwards so that the mirror image on the other side (sanded) will be correct. Then I cut the letters. This part is really tedious.

Then I cut 3x4 rectangles out of the the poster boards. Blue for wovels and red for consonants.

I glued the letters to rectangles.

Here they are. The weird letters the picture above are additional vowels in Turkish alphabet.

I cut the bottoms of two milk cartons to make containers for the letters. I am trying to find nice adhesive cover paper to decorate those. Once I do it, I'll post the photo here.

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